Sorry About The Mess

A bold announcement to the world that our room’s a mess and we embrace it.  Learning is what happens when your original plan falls through.  Sometimes you look around the room and the cardboard is flying, the experiments are in progress, the pencils are missing, kids are looking for masking tape, a computer just crashed, and the microphone cords are tangled…again.  All this before 9:30 am. But, really, would you have it any other way?  Learning IS messy.  🙂

Classroom Sign: The Mess

Classroom Sign: The Mess

You can click the posters to head to their Flickr page and download ’em if you’d like to print them for your classroom.  Thanks to Scholastic for sharing one of these posters, or confessions so-to-speak, on their Facebook page tonight!  Have fun making a mess tomorrow…. or learning! 🙂

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