Thinking of trying Twitter, but is something holding you back?  Allow me to dispel a few myths… what you may have heard or been thinking… and the truth.

1.) “I don’t want to join another social network, it’s all a bunch of people sharing what they had for lunch.”

Except it’s not. It’s people sharing tools that are working in their classrooms, discussing things happening in education, collaborating on global project, and people inspiring each other to be better educators.

2.) “All people care about on Twitter is getting more followers and self-promoting.”

Except they don’t. It doesn’t matter if someone has 10 followers or 20,000 followers, you have just as much to learn from each other. What do educators on Twitter have in common? Passion.  Read the twitter stream. Read the blogs of people you follow.  The support, the ideas, the sharing. It’s collaboration 24/7.

3.) “I don’t have time to add one more thing to my plate.”

Except it will actually take the place of other things. I used to get all my lesson planning started by Googling tools, looking for ideas online, reading resource books. Twitter? It’s taken the place of that. The tools come to me because I choose to follow people who share them.  15 minutes a day will get you started and you’ll start to see the benefits come back to you in heaps.  You don’t have to spend 24 hours a day on Twitter to make it work for you.

4.) “I tried Twitter, but nobody responded to me, so I quit.”

Stick with it. Follow several other teachers. Twitter is an empty bowl when you first sign up.  It’s up to you to fill it. Fill it by following people, by using a hashtag (#edchat, for example) when you Tweet a question so more people will be likely to see it.  Be open and honest by tweeting, “I’m new to Twitter, got any tips for me?” It’s a supportive community inside Twitter. Just don’t be afraid to knock on the door.

5.) “I don’t need to tweet, I already know how to be a great teacher.”

Nobody’s saying you need Twitter because you’re a bad teacher.  But, we all need Twitter because we can ALL learn and be better.

Have I convinced you?  Sign up.  Tweet me @ktvee and say hello… I’ll help you get started and suggest people for you to follow.  I’ll even be happy to tell you what I had for lunch, just in case you’re wondering. 😉