Hanging in the BalanceYep. It’s one of those posts. One of those “Twitter is the next best thing to sliced bread!” paragraphs where I beg you, plead you, and encourage you to get an account RIGHT now.  I’ve written these before.  Remember? Twitter allowed me a front row seat at a Space Shuttle Launch, had me sitting in the East Room of the White House while President Obama sent his very first tweet, had me reaching for the stars at Space Camp in Huntsville, and has allowed me to meet the most amazing educators around the world.  You know, I’ve been thinking for a long time, Twitter has changed my life.

But, today I realized, it’s also changing my students’ lives.

The connections I’m making on Twitter mean that our little classroom, from Small Town, Missouri has global connections.  We’re planning a Skype “Classrooms Around the World” and through Twitter are gathering even more participants.  My students have tweeted questions to an astronaut, tweeted a teacher in Greece and learned a sweater is a ‘jumper’ there.  We’ve held Mystery Skypes with a variety of US States and even Canada.  Our little mock election project? It grew to over 30,000 kids, 260 schools….. all started from one tweet.

These connections didn’t happen over night. You connect with people, share, collaborate, and learn together.  There’s a give and take on Twitter where educators are all moving in a common direction toward improved learning experiences for their students.

I started tweeting to improve my learning.  But, in the end, it’s improving my students’ learning even more. 140 characters at a time.