Untitled-2Today I sat in the White House listening to the President’s Proclamation of the National Week of Making being read.  Yeah, I’m still asking myself if it all really happened. I heard from inspiring makers from around our country doing the daily work.  Work that is changing lives.  Work made of their passions and poured from their souls.

We sat within the walls of buildings that were made. Created. Built brick by brick, hand by hand. Just as our country was so many years ago. As it was said today, “This country was built by makers.”

But our schools…  In a system that sometimes feels like a speeding train going downhill, we’ve got to find a way to reverse it, to let making in.  Every school. Public. Private. Charter. Opportunity for ALL of our nation’s kids. Not because it’s trendy or because it’s a buzz word.  Because there are kids RIGHT NOW waiting to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Kids searching for community. Kids desiring the chance to create.  Kids who need an adult who believes in them to look them in the eye and invite them to change the world.

Read the full text of the Proclamation here.  For the next week, to celebrate the Week of Making, I’ll be sharing something each day.  Let’s make school more.  We’re in this together. 

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