We went through about 12 years of school before college.  Every year, the varnish was put on, polishing up into “A plus learners.” Adding a thick layer of stuff to make us fit into a world that would someday need us to break the varnish off.   For those of us who went into teaching, we took one of two paths… we accepted the varnish that had been put on us, trapping our creativity, our hearts, deep inside and we followed the rules, the standards, and we did things the way they had been done to us.  We had just enough glimpses of following our intuition and hearts to feel alive.  But, the varnish was there.

For others, we peeled away. We sanded.  We had experiences that left huge holes in the varnish, letting it crack away and reveal our hearts through our teaching.  We didn’t fit in.  We were the ones who broke out of the system, who were trying to stop the varnish from being put on the next generation.  We were trying to save them, and in the process save ourselves.

Maybe, the experiences that break you heart also set you free.  You start to get rid of that varnish and you realize, your heart, intuition, and soul is coming out into what you do.  And then? That’s when it feels right.   Then it feels like you can save yourself, save the kids, and save the people who feel like they aren’t creative.  Everyone deserves to pour their souls into their work.  It makes you feel alive.

There’s no varnish remover for that 12 years of school, but the good news is, that creative soul that’s inside you as a kid is still there today. It’s time to break it free and see what happens.