My dog always looks so happy. Even here, when she’s about to pounce, her eyes aren’t about to dart away from her target.   She has one goal, and she’ll accomplish it.  That tennis ball? It’s her joy.  Well,  so is the shrub she completely uprooted in the backyard, but I refuse to call that any kind of joy.

But her joy?  It’s always there. Because she’s looking for it.  She seeks it out. She appreciates it. 

When I  look around at the end of a long, busy day, I could focus on many different things.  I could see what I’ve failed at. I could see what I didn’t finish.  I could see the things that are falling short of what I had in mind.  I could listen to the self-doubt that plays on repeat inside my mind.    The number of things in any one day can be overwhelming, if I let it.

Or, I could see more.

I could be honest with myself about the things I can improve, continue to keep my eye on the ball, and be grateful for it all.

The good. The bad. The struggle. The journey.


Because that’s how you catch joy.