A dose of ultimate creativity…. I visited with my family was Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM.   A bowling alley converted to an immersive art experience. It reminded me of everything that is important to me.  When you visit, you enter the House of Eternal Return, a literal house inside the building.

Once inside the house, you see a seemingly “normal” home. But moments later, you realize, this house is anything but ordinary. A fireplace leads to a mammoth skeleton. A fridge portal leads to a long hall.  A sparkly blue tube inside the washing machine leads out to the treehouse.  Every corner is filled with creativity, wonder, and imagination.  You don’t ask why, you just enjoy it.     

If you look closely, you can see my daughter climbing out of the dryer, the fireplace we all crawled into, and the chandelier that caught my eye, a bit Chihuly gone awry.


Inside the fireplace was a magical mammoth skeleton with musical bones. The colors changed and the bones could be played with a mallet. My daughter is over my shoulder, tap, tap, tapping away.


Through the fireplace portal, past the mammoth, you find the same layout as in the fish tank in the living room. Below, left, is the fishtank, and right? A lifesize walkthrough.  The colorful branches were definitely one of my favorite parts.

The treehouse. Parts of it reminded me of St. Louis’s City Museum.  Some of the mushrooms were musical and the leaves were laser cut paper. The lighting was magical.  I can’t even really explain it. That’s how I know it was so awesome.

I never once asked “Why?” walking through the house. It was like being sucked into another world, one where imagination is the most important thing and you just accept it, are delighted by it, and moved internally in a way that you can’t describe in words.   We need more of this in our world and in our schools. For sure.

More Photos from MeowWolf.