Growth. When it’s happening, you can feel it.  You feel tired. In places in your brain you didn’t even know existed. Your thinking is stretched. Your answers take longer than normal.  You’re finding reflection happening in moments in the car when you use to just hum along to music.  Someone says something that makes you think even more.  You wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, you jot things down, you have some big ideas that are constantly rolling around in your head like marbles, clanging, back and forth, smoothing out, until you’re ready to put them into action.  You start asking people you know, reading more books, looking at new blog posts.


I’m familiar with this feeling. I’ve seen it a million times in my students in the past.  In their eyes. Lit up like a Christmas tree. The excitement of learning something new and doing something challenging?  It takes over.   It’s learning, whether you are 2 years old or 80 years old.   Now that I’m on the other side of walking  out of a place where I was as comfortable as my favorite pair of sneakers,  I’m growing. Every single day.  I’m embracing the changes and working around the clock. I’ve been having new ideas, improving old ones, and seeking new knowledge and connections. In a way that just feels so… uncomfortably good.  

We can’t let our days be a treadmill that we never get anywhere on.  We’ve got to be on a road, going somewhere.  Because that’s what we want for our kids, too.

Learning that never stops.  


Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Nope, especially when it’s uncomfortable.