See that yellow ball? More importantly, see those pins it rolled over?  Know what it’s really a photo of ?  The reason I teach. There are days when I want to just leave education. I get so tired of the ‘stuff’ that I allow to get in my way. Of the opinions I give more time thinking of than I ever should.  The things that are not about the kids at all.

But, then a moment happens, on a Saturday afternoon, when my students have been struggling, trying, being challenged, and struggling some more.  Then, boom, they get their robot in the game and it rolls over and knocks down the pins.  There’s another photo here you cannot see, but it’s the students.  Arms raised. Cheering. High-fiving each other like they’ve just won the World Series.  Because that feeling they have? It’s learning.

I don’t know how learning got so lost in the school system.  But, it is.  Today? I saw it. Not just a little glimpse, but a glaring, shining, bold example of what learning is.   Collaboration, problem solving, thinking, and creativity.

I don’t have a big, profound ending for this post. I’m not even sure where I’m heading.  All I know for sure is one thing…. the learning I saw today? It’s the kind that missing from most of our schools.