One of the most asked questions I’ve been getting in my email and message box lately is “Where can I buy ____ poster?” I always say the same thing… you can’t. You can download it and print it yourself, or even upload it to your favorite photo place to print it huge if you’d like.  The files are free.  Every single thing I create here on this blog is licensed under Creative Commons… you know, “Share and share alike!

Since I started August’s “Posterpalooza,” I’ve been enjoying the quote suggestions and this weekend, I got the best tweet which contained a photo of “Embrace the Struggle” on the wall of a new professional development center in a school.  That right there? It’s payment enough.  Just knowing that even one poster went on a wall  and might make someone reflect, think, or challenge a thought they’ve had?  It’s better than a sale.  Now, the important thing is that we not only hang posters on our walls, but we become living examples of what we believe in education and learning.  Share it forward. Give back.  That?  It’s worth more than anything.


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