Learn Everyday.I asked my kids what they think of me, of my class, of my teaching. My questions were simple, including one:  What is learning to your teacher?    One student wrote, “She loves learning because anytime I find out something she didn’t know, she admits it and she seems to celebrate.”  Another, “She’s crazy about learning – like when there is a new learning opportunity like the Vomit Comet or mock election, she always takes it.” As I looked through the pile, I laughed and I thought about how they “get me.”  The references to my rainbow tennis shoes.  To my “space shelf”.  To the way I say everything is “my favorite thing.”  Somewhere in the middle of me getting to know them so well, I’ve let them see who I really am as a person.

I could read a billion negative stories about education in the news. I could look at the list of problems facing our schools.  Things I have no immediate control to change.  Or, I could just try to be the best teacher I can for my kids.  Not the perfect teacher, because that doesn’t exist.  Not an expert, because that’s not what they need.  Just the kind of teacher I hope they see when they look at me.