Inspire ThemSome days I need a reality check.  I get so caught up in trying new tech tools, planning 1600 project ideas, wanting education, all of it, to be better, now.  I rush around my classroom, getting kids started on this and finished on that.  I keep going, moving, rushing.  Doing stuff.  I have some big idea in my head of the “Ideal Teacher” and I work like crazy to teach like that.  I get all caught up in what I’m doing.  Trying to be a better teacher for them. Constantly.

So I pause and play a game of chess with a kid.  We have a conversation and talk about their day.  We talk about their dog, Snoopy.  I listen to them talk about an invention they’ve been dreaming of.    Or, I roam over to a computer where a kid is researching medieval castles and we talk about White House Security and how that contrasts with medieval castle security.  Another kid tells me about the pattern he found in his design. A pattern nobody else saw, not even me.  I listen to their thoughts, share some of mine.  Moments. Building relationships with kids.  Learning together.

What if the person whose going to inspire us to be a better teacher is a kid in our classroom?

I want to teach like that.