collaboration1It’s so easy to teach with tunnel vision. To go into your classroom, see your students, and do what you feel is best. You, the kids, and the learning. I honestly think there was a time when I taught with tunnel vision. I went to school, college, collected degrees, and thought I knew best. After all, my business card said “Teacher” and I was led to believe that that title made me the expert in the room. But, then I realized something. There is value in not knowing everything. There is even more value in openly admitting you don’t know everything. But the most value? It’s in being open to learning from others. Right now, there is another teacher somewhere that can benefit from what you have to share. And right now? There’s another teacher somewhere that can teach you something. There’s a kid you can learn from. There’s a colleague who can make a statement to challenge your thinking. We are so uncomfortable being uncomfortable. We crave to know the answers and be the expert. But the magic? It happens when we learn, from each other. From the teacher next door, the teacher in another building, the teacher in another country. Inspiration is everywhere. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open.