Everything matters so much more now.  I mean, it’s always mattered.  But now? It matters on a whole new level that I didn’t even realize existed.    The little things in our classroom…

I Teach: Learning Is a Gift

The laughter of your students.   The opened package of Reese’s cups, in the crumpled tissue paper, and the kid that says “Sorry, I ate one, but I remember they’re your favorite candy.”  Art projects hanging in the hallways.   The photo made when the kids discovered the photo app on the iPad that makes your head look like an alien and the whole class laughs.  The hug and the declaration “You just made the best hot chocolate in the world,” and you know, deep down, he means that. The conversation with a student on the way to lunch.  The little note left on your desk, scribbled in a crooked, half lopsided heart, that says “I love you.”  The offer to organize your desk for Christmas, because she  knows you just can’t keep it organized and wants to help you.  The consecutive “Woooowwww” of the kids on the other side of the Skype call when you show that it’s snowing out your window and they live in a place that never sees snow.  The daily riddles that you’re asked to solve, and truly, never can. The smile on the kids face that follows when you try to figure it out.  The book  brought in from home to share because he’s so excited about what he’s learning in class.  The question, before leaving for holiday break, “What are we learning about next quarter?” because he can’t wait to find out.  The hug on the way out the door with the little voice that yells, “I’ll miss you.”

The little things.  Little things that are, as it turns out, big things.  I just don’t think I will ever, for one second, take any of it for granted.  I hope I never do. Learning with our students every day? Sharing our days, our time, our journeys together in this world?  It is all a gift.