What if our goal every day was simple? What if we set out each day to make a difference for one person in our life? Whether it be one student, one colleague, or even a stranger.  What if we surprise a teacher down the hall with a diet coke and a note telling them they matter?  What if we call a student’s parents and tell them the amazing thing he did in class?  What if we leave an anonymous dollar taped to the snack machine in the lounge that says “This one’s on me!”  What if we gather a list of resources we’ve found on Twitter and email them out? Even if most people won’t use them, maybe, what if one person does?  We can’t make a difference in everyone’s life, but what if we can make a difference to just one person.  Isn’t THAT worth it?

After reading this blog post, and seeing how these kids are paying it forward with their random acts of kindness, I’m reminded once again how very much kids can inspire us if we provide them the chance.   If we try to make a difference for someone else, it just might make a difference for us, too.