Do you ever stop and think about the possibilities? Today we had a special guest read us a book LIVE all the way from Massachusetts while we were here, listening and watching, in our little classroom in Missouri.


Julie Petrini, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft, read Pepito’s Story to us, sharing the pictures, and telling the story as if we shared the room together today.

But, the cool thing is, we DID share the room together. Technology breaks down the walls. Subtracts the miles. Multiplies the learning. Adds to our potential to reach out and understand each other.

photo(25)As Ms. Petrini shared a photo of her horse with our class, one student was quite excited to share that she too has horses. Those little moments? Those are what Skype in the Classroom is really about. Connections. Learning that other people, near and far, have things in common with us. A lesson that can be so hard to teach without traveling the world.

But, now? We can all teach that lesson. It’s always just a Skype call away.

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