Poster: Words

This week is National No Name Calling Week.  I think every day in the classroom is an opportunity to model kind, caring behavior and to set the expectation for mutual respect.  But, in honor of this week, here are a few ideas of ways your class could get the word out:

1.) Tagxedo: Have kids interview each other and write a biography about their classmate.  Let them create a Tagexdo about their classmate.  This way, they are celebrating the success of a their classmates.

2.) Digital Storytelling: Put students into small groups and ask them to make persuasive public service announcements about using kind words to each other.  Each group could have an artist, narrarator, technical director, and script writer.  At the end of the week, hold a red carpet premeire and invite another class to watch the videos.  Even better, post them online to share with the world.

3.) Celebrate Being You:  Give kids a camera and ask them to take five self-portraits. Ask them to write a short poem about themselves that follows the format “I am (name). I enjoy ___.  I get angry when ____.  My biggest dream is____.  I am (name).”  They can narrate their photos with their poem and add background music from

4.) Poster Contest: This poster was made by taking a photo of toothpaste and then layering text over the top in PhotoShop.  Students could use programs like Microsoft Paint, Publisher, PowerPoint, or even an online editor like Pixlr to create posters with photos taken around the school.

5.) Pay It Forward: Give a child in your class a note to do something kind for someone else and leave a “Pay It Forward” note.  Keep the note going all week. Put tally marks on a poster to let kids see how many kind acts have taken place during the week.