I’m home now. I’ve unpacked.  My mind? It’s filled with memories, new experiences, and forever connected with 15 people from around the world that I had the pleasure to get to know at Honeywell Educator’s Advanced Space Academy at Space Camp this past week.  I’m not sure I can put our experience into words.  What do I know for sure? I’m forever changed as a teacher and person because of this experience.  This is what it’s all about.  We do things as teachers and if we open our minds enough, it will change us forever. It will make us better teachers and make learning better for our students.

This week?

I climbed up and jumped off a 32 foot pole.


I performed experiments in the Space Station.

I stood under THE orbiter “Atlantis” as it is being retired.

I embraced every second of mind-blowing, inspirational fun that is Space Camp.

I dove in the Underwater Astronaut Training tank.

…and I took Virtual Von Braun, paper-rocket scientist extraordinaire with me!
scuba2 IMG_7183

I built and programmed a robot.


I flew the space shuttle.

I received a “Space Camp Challenge Coin” along with the rest of my team that I will carry with me forever.


But, the best part of this week?

I met 15 other teachers whose passion for space science, for learning, and for life has forever inspired me and for whose collaboration I am completely grateful.

I will never, ever be able to express my gratitude to Honeywell, the US Space and Rocket Center, Kennedy Space Center, and Space Camp for this experience.  I just hope they can read this or watch our team video to know that they have insured that every student I have in my classroom will experience STEM education the way it is meant to be experienced. Real life. Authentic. Built on dreams. Inspiring the future. Innovating to make the world a better place. Finding your own gifts and talents and sharing them to improve the lives of others.


Want to experience Space Camp? Apply for the Honeywell program!  Or, consider taking a group of students to SpaceCamp