Maybe I’ll never get past the excitement of talking with classes in other locations.   I’m always amazed that we can just connect, in a matter of seconds, all around the world.   Today? We Skyped with Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. In one day. We heard accents, learned about new places, and realized how very much we all have in common.   The conversations we have are always interesting and I know that getting my students off to a great start as being a global learner is what it’s all about.  So, how can you use Skype in your classroom?

1.) Read the same book. Skype to discuss it.

2.) Connect with a soldier and have your class sing Christmas carols to him or her.

3.) Try a Monster Exchange. Instead of posting to the site, share your drawings via a live Skype call.

4.) Choose an experiment.  Both classes complete it. Skype to discuss results and compare.

5.) Host a MysterySkype.  Guess where another class lives in a yes/no format to narrow down their location.

6.) Skype with a class in another country and compare learning.  Share with us in our KnowGlobe project!

Still looking for more projects? Visit Skype Education… or even create your own project there. It’s THAT easy to get started.

What are you waiting for?  Hear that sound? It’s a Skype call coming in for your class and it’s also the sound of your classroom door opening to the world.