Circuitry is one of my favorite explorations with kids.  The excitement when that bulb lights up? There is nothing like it.  With basic materials, kids can really start creating their own projects and in the process, learn a lot along the way.  A simple entry point is Squishy Circuits, but more advanced projects like adding in motors and other components lead to endless possibilities.  You don’t need expensive kits like LittleBits or Snap Circuits. While those tools are fun, they aren’t a must have.  In fact, kids can learn just as much with low-tech materials listed below that can be purchased in bulk. Partner with cardboard, duct tape, and good old paper?  And the possibilities just became awesome.

Squishy Circuits 

Pro-tip: Playdoh is highly conductive and comes in LOTS of colors.

Paper Circuits

Copper Tape & Conductive Inks

LED Lights