You know what I *love* after a good presentation?  That feeling that I have just pushed myself to reflect SO deeply that I have learned just as much from sharing as I would from being on the receiving end.  So while Twitter, Facebook, and writing blog posts have long been favorites of mine, I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head.  What if, once a month or so, I have a short Google Hangout broadcast via Google Hangouts on Air to YouTube and shared the link with those interested? What if?  So I am.

On March 4… a Saturday morning… at 9am Central, I’m going to host a little web broadcast all about Beebots and Beginning Coding.  I’ll probably be drinking coffee, might have crazy messy morning hair and my dog might even make an appearance if she pulls her typical move of trying to drink out of my coffee cup.  It will be just a conversation from me to you, that I’m going to lead and share my own experiences.  Just one teacher to another. Because this stuff is everything I believe in and if I can help even ONE teacher bring robotics and coding into the classroom, my Saturday morning was well spent.

Maybe you’re that ONE teacher?  If you think you might be, please sign up.

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