edugoodI’m on a mission. I want to see the good.  I truly believe that when we keep our eyes focused on the good, our lives become good.  So, if we focus on the good in our schools, our teaching will become even better.  No, it doesn’t make everything perfect, or even easy, but it makes us appreciate the little things that matter.  So, as a new year is about to begin, I’m thinking of starting a Project 365.  You know, a photo a day for the entire year.  It’s not about fancy cameras, or setting up big photography equipment.  It’s about taking a moment each and every day to focus on the good.  It’s also about sharing it with each other.  You know, passing it around like a ginormous bowl of goodness that we can all share.  Will you please join in?  All you have to do is take a photo a day in 2013.

The rules? 

1.) Take a photo a day. Something you notice good around you or something from the suggestion list.  I’ve kept the suggestion list general, so you can get creative in your interpretation of each topic.  I’ll update the list each month and share it in the Flickr group and here on this blog.

2.) Share where you’ll be sharing your photos via the Google Doc.   Part of the fun in seeing the good is seeing the good others are sharing too.

3.) Take a photo a day.  That’s the hard part. Everyday. If you miss a day? No big deal, post two the next. Nobody will yell at you. Or even frown in your direction. 🙂


EduGood Flickr Group:  A group on Flickr to share our photos.

Shuttercal: A daily way to share your photos via the web or an app. I love this one because it gives you a calendar to glance at and see the good all at once.

Project365 App: A fun app to keep your daily shots organized.

Please join in…. the more we share, the better.  Let’s make 2013 the year we focus on the good in our schools and our world…. one photo at a time.
#edugood: January


Edited to add: 

Tips for Getting Started:

1.) No pressure: Don’t try to get “the perfect’ photo every single day. Have fun with your camera or even snap a quick one with a phone.  Follow the daily theme, or make your own theme.

2.) Set up a folder on your computer. Call it 2013.  Make a folder for January.  Name each photo with a number like 001_2013.  Trust me.  When you get to the middle of the year and decide you want to upload to your favorite photo place and order them, you’ll be glad you did this.

3.) Create a consistent online space to share.  Tweet out with the hashtag to #edugood to inpsire others, upload to your Flickr account, share in the Flickr group.  Did you know you can create “sets” in Flickr?  Here’s a sample of my January 2010 project.   A great way to organize your own shots.  I’ll be sharing more on that later once January gets going.

4.) Have FUN!  The project isn’t meant to be stressful or add “one more thing to do.”  I know that some days I’ll be taking a quick Instagram shot, and other days I’ll spend more time playing with my camera because I enjoy it.

5.) Not in a “traditional school” setting, here’s another site with good lists for inspiration.  These may even work great with those of you thinking of trying this with students!

So grateful that so many are joining in the fun… now, let’s just keep each other motivated to finish ALL 365 days of seeing the good. 🙂