The Top Ten Reasons to Be a Connected Educator, shared as I tweeted as @Connected Ed.

Reason 10: Resources! Others bring resources to you. HUGE timesaver. Hashtags (such as #edchat#scichat#elemchat#gtchat) let you focus on what you need to find and when! Who has time to sit around searching Google for resources that may or may not be good?  Not me.  Through the Twitter stream, I’ve found apps and other tech tools that were tested and recommended by other teachers!

Reason 9: Opportunities! I’ve been to a Space Shuttle Launch, Space Camp, the White House, New York City for a STEM Academy, the Mars Rover Landing in California, & Microsoft ALL because of opportunities I discovered through Twitter!

Reason 8: Your Schedule! You can connect when you fit it in your schedule. You check in when you have time.  In line at the grocery store, waiting for the dentist, it’s your schedule.

Reason 7: Global Learning! It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, when learning your common goal, connections are powerful.

Reason 6: FREE! Budgets are tight and PD funds are low. Twitter is one of the BEST ways for ongoing PD. And it’s FREE.

Reason 5: Friends! When you’re connected, going to a conference will feel like a reunion!

Reason 4: Support! Taking a couple of minutes to connect might lead you to a new way of teaching that will improve learning in your classroom.

Reason 3: Reflection! When you connect, you automatically reflect in a powerful way. Others improve your perspectives. Disagreement may feel uncomfortable at first, but a discussion involving disagreement may be necessary for that great idea that is just around the corner for you.

Reason 2: 24/7 Learning! The door to learning is always open & people you’ve never met in person are willing to support & help you.  The educators on Twitter share a common passion for learning and it’s empowering.

Reason 1: Model it! Our students need to understand how to be connected in a global society. They know they can connect, we need to be an example of the appropriate way to go about it. We need to model it in our classrooms, every single day.  Banning our kids from all technology will only leave them lacking the skills they need for a great future.

Get connected.  The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t get started sooner!

Connected Educator