I’m fascinated by Idea Paint.  I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday at #edcampKC.  Now? I can’t quit thinking about it.   I immediately thought, I’d LOVE to paint my tables with this stuff.  But, it doesn’t stop there.

No Place Like Learning!

Our Yellow Brick Table and bookshelf backs are SCREAMING “Paint me with Idea Paint!”

1.) What about small mobile room dividers on a wheels painted on both sides? Kids could roll them to any area where collaboration is needed.  A room could be in sections rather than just one big space.

2.) Unqiue ‘non-schoolish’ tables that are thrift store finds. Think like low ‘coffee’ type tables like our Yellow Brick Table surrounded by pillows or tall ‘bar top’ type tables surrounded by fun stools.

3.) The backs of bookshelves.  Shelves can be a great way to divide learning spaces. Painting the back gives even more collaboration space.

4.) Remember your old ‘teacher desk’ that has kind of just become a place to put stuff?  Think of the front, the big, blank surface.  Big enough for a floor height collaboration area.

5.) Underneath your tables.  My kids LOVE laying on the floor and writing.  Think Michaelangelo and Sistine Chapel.

6.) Your classroom door. What if kids wrote their “What did we learn today?” messages on your door as they leave.  Snap a pic, blog it, keep a running record of learning.7.) The floor.  Kind of like a campfire of sorts. Gather around.

No Place Like Learning!

Oohhhh…. endless possibilities for Idea Paint!8.) Cabinets.  Cabinet doors provide sections. Sections provide the perfect place to classify and sort data and research.9.)  Large round pieces of wood.  If you can’t get permission (or forgiveness 😉 ) for painting in your school, what about some large wood scraps that could be easily moved around and serve as large ‘Collaboration Boards’. In the floor, on a table, in the hall.  You’ve just gone mobile.

Imagine hallways painted with Idea Paint, cafeteria walls, stairwells.  Imagine if the learning that’s taking place in your school was visible in brainstorms all over the place.  Think about it, one idea leads to another, and that’s what it’s all about.