makeadifferenceThe pendulum in education swings.  The 4C’s seem to be where it’s at right now… creativity, collaboration, connection, and communication.  Getting kids to connect and create is important.  But what are we missing when we KEEP talking about 21st century learning? The 4M’s.  I think it’s where we are heading.  No, I hope it’s where we are heading.

Meaningful, mindful, moments, and making.

The chaos of beeping devices, shallow connections with no meaning, blinging flashy websites, and apps that make satisfaction instant are about to be exchanged for a slower pace.  Apps that are worksheets are being exchanged for apps that are about creating a message and telling a story. Deeper learning. Learning that’s built on deep relationships rather than shallow connections.

The empathy our world is craving?   The empathy we NEED to survive the future?  It’s in the meaning and the mindful moments that are coming.  The way we connect when we play, tinker, explore? Making is going to save us all.

I’m tired of people thinking gadgets will change education.  I get ticked off when I see “making” watered down to activities and kits.

The future?  It’s bright and meaningful and WITHIN our kids.  The little souls that come to our classrooms are filled with joy, deep joy.  Joy that’s tangible and released when we all slow down and are mindful of where we are, make meaning out of moments, and go for deeper connections rather than shallow clicks and simple sharing.

The PLN of the 21st century is becoming about promotion and collecting followers, we need to push past it and get back to deeper relationships… the kind where you share when you rise, and when you fall… hard. But more importantly than the sharing, it’s the relationships and the meaning in them.

Design thinking, maker mindset, and play are about to swing the pendulum away from short bursts in test scores and gaining points on a test.  At least I hope so.  Our kids deserve it, and to be honest, our future needs it.

Is it extra dreamy if I think there just might be a 5th “M” in there? Magic.  Learning, when it’s right, is so magical.  Not like unicorns and rainbows magic, but like, “Wow, that blew my mind” magic.  And couldn’t we ALL use a little of that?

Do I sound crazy? Angry at the education that is?  Over the top dreaming about the future?  Yes.  All of those things.  That’s just called passion and the 5 M’s are fertile soil for it to develop.  Meaning. Mindfulness. Moments. Making. Magic.