There is a duel inside my head. One one side, there is creativity. Always searching for fresh, new and craving color like it’s an addictive candy.  On the other? Perfectionism.  The two do not get along well.  It’s like an old western, like this scene from a movie.

It’s paralyzing.  It’s wanting to move, to win, to get the shot.  But it’s also holding back, because one false move and you go down.  Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.

Sure, it can be said that seeking perfect pushes you farther, trying to achieve unattainable goals because there is no other way.  But, I’m ready for creativity to win the duel, even if I’m grazed by failure.  If we only create what we are sure will turn out perfectly, we are probably only creating about 1% of our ideas.  Seems like a low figure?  Seems accurate.   A lot of things left unsaid, unimagined, uncreated.

Creativity has to be about iteration. Iteration cannot be about perfection.  There is no room it all.  I’ve always felt that making is truly a cure for perfectionism.  A sure shot to achieve exactly what your mind and heart sets out to.  Because it’s just authentic, raw, and all you, mixed in with what you draw from the world around you. A good creation comes from your soul and for it to really happen, there can be no holding back.  None.

Cue the music. My creativity is looking perfectionism in the eye.