differenceOur schools need more testing.   I’m not talking about THAT kind of testing where we pour information into kids heads and then measure the regurgitation. I’m talking about the kind of tests we have in real life.

What if we changed the design of the school?  The delivery of the lessons?  The format of our teaching?  The ‘standardization’ of everything?  What if we made learning about giving “tests” in the form of projects, experiments, and situations where kids were encouraged to inquire, learn, think, problem solve, get creative, and figure things out? What if all of our assessments in schools were the authentic kind?   What if we didn’t having outside sources micromanaging our scores and telling us that low scores mean our kids aren’t learning, and that must mean we aren’t working hard enough?

The quote is true.  Life is a series of “tests.”  Just not the kind with bubbles.  The real kind.  That require thinking, learning, and growing.  The kind we need just might need more in our schools.