a1fb9050c32f11e29e0522000a1fa50c_7Today I walked out of my school. For the last time. A school that I grew up in, a school that I have enjoyed teaching in for the past ten years. A school that is not only where the people I love are, but also where I’ve learned to teach. I’d like to think one day, when you look back on your life, there will be certain moments that stand out. This was one of them. To leave? It broke my heart into a million tiny pieces, and yet, the tears that fell were happy ones. I hugged tiny third graders who I just got to know this year. I hugged kids I’ve taught who are now grown into young adults. I hugged colleagues who are like family. I hugged administrators who have inspired me to be able to walk out the door today. Then, I walked out.

I walked out because it’s what I believe in and because I hope every single kid that I have ever been lucky enough to teach understands something….  Your life is about doing what you believe in.  Even when that means walking out the door, from everything you’ve ever known and loved, and going somewhere new.  Because that’s the thing about dreams.  They are worth it.  Even when it’s not easy.  Even when it breaks your heart.

Yesterday I stood staring at an empty classroom, thinking, this is the part where the sad music would be playing.  Today? I realized just how full my life really is. I left with a tiny piece of paper, that I might just carry in my pocket all the way to Texas that says, “We love you, Mrs. V.”  Because in that note? It’s the reason I was able to walk out today.