One of my favorite tools in the classroom is the token economy. Whether it’s been Bullseye Bucks, Dolphin Dollars, Jungle Bucks, Bonus Bucks, Royal Rewards, or Monkey Moolah, the kids have loved it! By making business card sized “bucks” you can print 8 to 10 to a page! I have used Print Shop in the past and now use PhotoShop to make these. Copy these onto colored paper and voila…you have an instant token economy.

I usually add in other colors, too for different denominations of money! This way you don’t have to copy quite so many of the ones, because kids can trade them in for fives, then tens, then twenties, even hundreds if you choose! Here are a few I’ve used in the past…

Would you like your own classroom reward money?

Post a comment here telling what kind of classroom money you would like and I’ll pick a random number from the comments! Then, I’ll email you for extra details you’d like put on your personalized bucks! This contest will end on Friday, August 8 at Noon.