Some discussions in education just go in circles.  Some never get to the heart of what matters… actually taking action in the classroom. Real change.  At times, it churns and spins like a merry go round.

This is what I love most about Twitter.  It’s more than a merry go round, it’s a whole amusement park.  A place where people aren’t just talking about stuff… but doing stuff.  Great stuff, really.

Tons of people. Billions of thoughts.  Resources galore.  You go where you need to, use #hashtags to get what you’re looking for, use @ to strike up a conversation or join a discussion.

You know that classic shot of the kid leaving the amusement park holding cotton candy, a giant lollipop, a big bunch of balloons, and a 6 ft tall stuffed animal.  That’s you, the teacher, with what you’ve learned on Twitter.

That kid? He’s smiling because he knows he’s not stuck on the merry go round. And even better… he’s got a Season’s Pass to all the fun.