LEARNERSWhen we step out from behind a desk, no longer stand behind a podium, and sit on the floor with a group of kids who are trying to make sense of something they are learning, we realize one thing: We are all learners. We all listen to each other, to process our thoughts, to improve ourselves. It never stops.  It doesn’t happen because of something on a test or a grade that will be assigned.  It happens because we were born to learn.  Think of how much we, as teachers, truly have in common with our students….

We need to the opportunity to have discussions.
Teacher: Discussing with a colleague about something new we’ve tried.
Student: Discussing with a partner about how fractions work.

When we write (blog), we force ourselves to make sense out of what we are learning or thinking about.  
Teacher: Writing about our teaching.
Student: Writing about our science experiment.

Our brain needs to make a connection between what we know, what we’re learning, and what we’re wondering about.
Teacher: Brainstorming things we know works and what we’ve learned at PD and how they relate.
Student: Brainstorming how another country is broken into provinces and how that compares to our country’s states.

We never stop learning. 
Teacher: Constantly looking at what we do and thinking deeply about how we can improve our classroom.
Student: Constantly looking at what we do and thinking deeply to improve our understanding of the world.

We truly are all learners.