Things we hear a lot of in education….

  • 69265_485889004853591_422789241_n“Because of Common Core we’re going to…”
  •  “With testing coming up…”
  • “Our schedule says we have to…”
  • “The next chapter in the textbook is…”
  • “It’s time for PD, listen to me read you this Powerpoint about data…”
  • “Let’s look at the data again…”
  • “Here is a chart of our scores….”
  • “It’s time to implement ____” <–insert expensive program name
  • “We’re cutting ___ because of funding…”

Why are the things we end up talking most about in school, the things we actually need to spend the least amount of time on?  The requirements, policies, and ‘things that have always been done this way,’ are there, covering up the things that matter.

What if we found a magic wand, and it would all  just <poof> be gone?

Uncovering so much. Authentic engagement. Thinking fun. Problem solving with reflection.  Endless inquiry. Constant connection building. Projects in the real-world. Fantastic learning. Discovering passions. Building upon interests.

Edcamp always reminds me of one thing.  We are the magic wand.  Together, day by day. We collaborate, connect, and get creative together.   We can continue to learn from each other and uncover what kids need and what works in schools.

And it’s all far too important to just give up.