I Teach. What if….

…we worry less about controlling kids and more about trying to  encourage their self-control?
…we stop keeping kids thoughts within the tight reins of a very specific curriculum?
…we ask them “What do you think?” more than telling them what we think?
…we stop feeding their need for rewards?
…we listen to them with the intent of changing how we teach?
…our schools become about inspiring their passions?
…the things that don’t change are because people are afraid?
…being afraid is a lie we tell ourselves to do what’s easy for us?
…we have a choice every day?
…we stop looking around, throwing up our hands, and saying “Can’t change education.”?
…we have more choices than limitations?
…we look around our classrooms and really see what we CAN change?
…we change one thing, one day, one year at a time?